Botterells Fresh Fish

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Botterells Fresh Fish is run by John, formerly of the merchant navy. He returned to the sea via his commercial fishing company, which was set up in 1976. John runs the company with his sons Jasper, a former boat builder, and George, who has taken over the fishing. The sea certainly runs through the veins of the Botterells!

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Boughton Alpaca

Boughton Alpaca is situated in rural Kent at a natural orchard site. Home to a herd of over 40 alpaca, Boughton Alpaca is a steadily growing herd with cria born frequently to our alpaca. The wool from an alpaca fleece can be spun into a variety of different weights, depending on requirements. Alpaca wool is naturally hypoallergenic, warmer than other wools, non-prickly and has water-resistant properties.

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Burscombe Cliff Organic Farm

burscombe 3
Burscombe Cliff Organic Farm has been run by Ben Garrett for approximately a quarter of a century. The farm took two years to convert to an organic operation. Burscombe now has a herd of 15 Sussex cows, which are occasionally cross-bred with a Blonde. Sussex cows are particularly well-suited to organic management as they do not require concentrates such as corn to reach or maintain their ideal weight. Ben's herd feeds entirely on fresh grass and only reverts to silage in the winter months.

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Dan Tuson

Dan Tuson coppice
"Based within the picturesque Elham valley, Dan Tuson uses locally cut chestnut and hazel to make a variety of coppice products including rustic baskets, woven hurdles and plant climbing frames. The baskets are durable for outdoor everyday use or make ideal gifts as indoor decoration filled with dried flowers. Woven hazel hurdles and chestnut gate hurdles can be made to measure and make a sustainable natural alternative for garden boundaries and flower border edging. Taller structures can be made for plant climbing frames and trellis."

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Ellie's Dairy

At Ellie’s Dairy goats are raised in as natural an environment as possible. The farm is not certified organic but farms as traditionally as possible, working to the highest standards of responsible and ethical farming.

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Enzo's Bakery

Enzo started his career in the food sector 15 years ago, qualifying with full marks in the 'local cuisine' school in Campania, which was directed by Giancarlo Erba, who was at the time vice president of the Association of Italian Cooks. After several years gaining experience in Neapolitan restaurants and a short but equally important experience in a German restaurant with two Michelin stars, he decided to move to Brighton, where for 18 months he worked in an international cuisine's restaurant called Brasserie Richard. In 2002 Enzo had the opportunity to move to the Goods Shed to take over the management of the bakery. Excited by this new project in the first English market of its kind, he decided to take up the new challenge. Six years later he still successfully manages Enzo's bakery, which has become the boast of the Goods Shed! Recently Enzo's Bakery won the three stars prize from the Food Agency for its high level of hygiene. We are members of © Produced in Kent Limited, who are dedicated to promoting the very best Kent has to offer. When you buy locally produced goods you are getting fresher and healthier produce, reducing food miles, contributing to the local economy, better value for money, creating less packaging and waste, protecting the rural landscape of Kent. You can find us at the Goods Shed, a daily farmers market with onsite restaurant using the local market produce, having a great turnover of fresh local and abroad produce.

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Flora's Garden (seasonal)

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Homegrown seasonal cut flowers. Flora’s Garden stems from a passion for growing quality cottage garden flowers. In 2009 we transformed part of the family garden into a cutting patch. As the business blossomed we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to expand onto a plot of land shared with the Wye Community Farm’s vegetable garden. We pick the very best flowers and foliage the day before the market and then make them up into natural country style bouquets. We don’t use pesticides; packaging is kept to a minimum and is biodegradable wherever possible. We grow an increasing variety of blooms including tulips, cornflowers, nigella, sweet williams, larkspur, scabious and dahlias.

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Handmade By Henry

Handcrafted With Care. Every chocolate we create is hand-crafted with care and attention to detail using a specially selected range of chocolate and natural ingredients without artificial additives or enhancers. This combination gives chocolate-lovers, at every level, a unique and satisfying experience.

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Invicta Herbs

A niche herb nursery growing plants selected to delight the senses and thrive in Britain. Pot grown culinary herbs, natives and heritage favourites. Since moving to Greenfields in February 2009 we have embarked upon establishing a garden of flavours. Our first love was discovering native (useful) plants in their wild habitat. Our first garden was filled with lovely culinary and useful herbs. Job and family commitments have led to several house moves, each meant leaving the gardens (and plant collections) behind. We have decided to select plants that give greater reward than effort to grow, and notionally banish scratchy and toxic plants (globe artichoke is one notable exception and weeds never obey the rules). Rather than being restrictive, this has provided a framework for us to embark on a journey rediscovering many of our favourite plants, and seeking new ones. A multisensory approach to gardening highlighted some real gems in the plant world, which are out of fashion in the mass market garden superstore.

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J.R. Meats

DSC 5475
Denise and Cath attend the market with their burger van, selling their home produced burgers and hot bacon rolls.

Jo Elliot Photography

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Photographic greeting cards.

Kentish Pieman

DSC 4384
Producer of fine hand made meat and vegetarian pies and sweet puddings Attends every 3rd Saturday of the month.

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Low Wood Nurseries

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A family run business supplying a wide range of quality herbaceous perennials, shrubs, climbers, trees(fruit and ornamental), roses, seasonal herbs and bulbs to cover your gardening needs.

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Penny's Sweets

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I specialise in delicious home made cakes, biscuits and scones.

Perry Court Farm

Perry Court Farm has been growing wonderful fruit and vegetables in a responsible and environmentally friendly way for three generations now. Traditional methods of farming have been passed down, and mixed with modern know-how on sustainable agricultural practises, to give a way of producing food that really works in the long run. Perry Court Farm now produces over 200 different varieties of English crops the majority of which we are able to supply direct to the consumer through our Farmers' Markets and farm shop. The Farm shop is located in the Stour Valley in the finest Kent countryside, surrounded by traditional apple and pear orchards, fields of fresh vegetables and summer fruits, all of which are available to buy in the farm shop. Perry Court Farm Apple Crisps are made using a completely natural drying process; warm air is blown over the slices of apple for hours and hours until crisp and scrumptious. They are then packaged quickly to keep them like this. This slow drying method keeps all the goodness of a fresh apple in the crisps, but allows you to keep it much longer (drying is a natural way of preserving fruit, used since the Ancient Egyptians). Perry Court Farm uses traditional English varieties of apple, selecting the best ones from over 100 different cultivars, including Cox’s Orange Pippin, Laxtons Fortune and Ribstone Pippin.

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Pure Kent Honey (seasonal)

Pure Kent Honey1
The honey is in its purest form and is simply filtered after removal from the hive before it is bottled. This type of artisan honey has a unique taste and texture depending on what flowers the bees have been using as their nectar and pollen source. We also bring our beeswax with us which we have filtered and coloured to make hand rolled candles. These are brilliant for getting kids to make. Attends every 1st Saturday of the month.

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Ripple Farm Organics

Home Farm is a small horticultural farm of 14 acres situated in the Stour Valley, Kent at Crundale between Ashford and Canterbury. Our fields slope up to the bottom slopes of the North Downs, giving us light, chalky soils. These free draining soils, blessed by the warmer climate of the South East, produce vegetables of great taste and quality. As well as our Home Farm, we also rent a Victorian Walled Garden at Olantigh near Wye and fields below Wye Crown, including an old 'Spartan' orchard. Ripple Farm has been certified Organic since 1989 and holds an Organic Symbol from the Soil Association. The farm itself is essentially a market garden producing a wide range of vegetables, salad, herbs and some soft fruit. With this produce, Ripple Farm Organics runs a local box scheme and supports Wye and Whitstable Farmers' Markets in Kent and Stoke Newington farmers Market, London. We also supply specialist organic/wholefood shops in London, Growing Communities Box Scheme, London and a variety of shops, cafes and Pubs in Kent. The farm is run by Martin Mackey, who has academic qualifications in Sustainable Agriculture, and many years of practical experience in organic growing.

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Smye Rumsby

We do radios...

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The Cheesemakers of Canterbury

The Cheesemakers of Canterbury specialise in making Ashmore Cheese, a naturally rinded hard cheese made from unpasteurised British Friesian cows milk. The milk is collected fresh in the mornings from Mr Castle's Debden Farm at Petham, near Canterbury, with our own milk tanker. The Ashmore Cheese is handmade from a traditional recipe at the newly refurbished site that was Dargate Dairy at Lamberhurst Farm, Dargate. The cheese is made by Jane Bowyer, Teresa and their merry band of "blessed cheesemakers"! The recipe itself began its life in a textbook by the North of Scotland College of Agriculture, especially designed for smallholders.

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The Wooden Spoon Preserving Company

Our challenge from the outset was to provide jams and marmalades which individually would be approved by the discerning ‘home made’ connoisseur whilst as a range unrivalled in its variety. In the process, we have also gained a reputation as a leader in the fruits in liqueur market. We have recently launched a range of award winning No Added Sugar preserves (suitable for diabetics and those looking for lower sugar products) and have sought-after ranges of chutneys, jellies, mustards, olives!

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VJ Game

We are a well-established, family run business. All game is local and is cut, prepared and produced by our Master Butcher who is also the owner. Vincent Elliot, the owner, is a registered and licenced Game Dealer.

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Woodpecker Farm

Dick has owned the land since the late 1970’s and it has had a varied existence! He has grown asparagus and other commercial vegetables here as well as planting vines on the bottom paddocks and running it as Chilham Vineyard. In 1997 Claire arrived on the scene and preferred animals to vines and so they started planning the Soil Association Organic farm as it is today. They started with just 1 small flock of Black Rock chickens and have now built up to 300 layers of mixed breeds, meat birds and a flock of Jacob sheep, horses, dogs and cats! In total, the farm comprises about 18 acres of mainly pasture, with a cherry and plum orchard and some woodland, all organically certified with the Soil Association.

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Wye Bakery

DSC 5678
We produce a range of continental and English breads, including: Crusty white baguettes and bloomers Country bread with a touch of rye and wholewheat Malted wheat & wholewheat cobs Spelt loaves (wheat-free): 100% spelt, spelt & rye, seeded Sourdough loaves made with natural leaven: white, light brown, multi-seed, walnut, fruit & walnut, spelt, spelt & rye. The bakery also produces wholemeal loaves called Willesborough Windmill made from grain grown on a farm at Ruckinge and stoneground at the Willesborough windmill.

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Wye Community farm

The Wye Crown herd of British White cattle was established in 2008, with the purchase of six yearling heifers from the Bridge Homestead herd. Today the herd comprises around 20 head of cattle, producing heifers for sale and steers for beef boxes. The cattle spend most of the year on the Wye National Nature Reserve, where their grazing plays a central role in the maintenance of the chalk grassland which is home to many rare plants and insects. For further information on British Whites and the Wye NNR see the websites on the links page. We lend calves to local young farmers groups to attend shows with, as well as showing in our own right. WCF runs flocks of Poll Dorset and Portland sheep, with each breed being purebred to produce breeding stock for sale as well as ensuring lamb boxes are available throughout the year. We keep a small number of pigs and poultry, providing pork boxes and eggs and ensuring there are always jobs to be done for our volunteers on days when it is too wet to be outside.

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