Invicta Herbs



A niche herb nursery growing plants selected to delight the senses and thrive in Britain. Pot grown culinary herbs, natives and heritage favourites. Since moving to Greenfields in February 2009 we have embarked upon establishing a garden of flavours. Our first love was discovering native (useful) plants in their wild habitat. Our first garden was filled with lovely culinary and useful herbs. Job and family commitments have led to several house moves, each meant leaving the gardens (and plant collections) behind. We have decided to select plants that give greater reward than effort to grow, and notionally banish scratchy and toxic plants (globe artichoke is one notable exception and weeds never obey the rules). Rather than being restrictive, this has provided a framework for us to embark on a journey rediscovering many of our favourite plants, and seeking new ones. A multisensory approach to gardening highlighted some real gems in the plant world, which are out of fashion in the mass market garden superstore.

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Our produce has travelled approximatly 6.41 km's (as the crow flies) to get to you.

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