The Cheesemakers of Canterbury



The Cheesemakers of Canterbury specialise in making Ashmore Cheese, a naturally rinded hard cheese made from unpasteurised British Friesian cows milk. The milk is collected fresh in the mornings from Mr Castle's Debden Farm at Petham, near Canterbury, with our own milk tanker. The Ashmore Cheese is handmade from a traditional recipe at the newly refurbished site that was Dargate Dairy at Lamberhurst Farm, Dargate. The cheese is made by Jane Bowyer, Teresa and their merry band of "blessed cheesemakers"! The recipe itself began its life in a textbook by the North of Scotland College of Agriculture, especially designed for smallholders.

About the produce

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Our produce has travelled approximatly 15.9 km's (as the crow flies) to get to you.

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