Woodpecker Farm



Dick has owned the land since the late 1970’s and it has had a varied existence! He has grown asparagus and other commercial vegetables here as well as planting vines on the bottom paddocks and running it as Chilham Vineyard. In 1997 Claire arrived on the scene and preferred animals to vines and so they started planning the Soil Association Organic farm as it is today. They started with just 1 small flock of Black Rock chickens and have now built up to 300 layers of mixed breeds, meat birds and a flock of Jacob sheep, horses, dogs and cats! In total, the farm comprises about 18 acres of mainly pasture, with a cherry and plum orchard and some woodland, all organically certified with the Soil Association.

About the produce

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Our produce has travelled approximatly 6.11 km's (as the crow flies) to get to you.

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