About Us

Wye Farmers Market is one of the oldest farmers markets in Kent and boasts a fantastic array of food stalls selling everything from fresh bread, cakes, jams and chutneys to more interesting fayre such as wild boar and freshly prepared indian meals to "take-away!" We have frequent seasonal events and competitions, and our free bouncy castle always helps keep the little ones entertained.

Ten good reasons to shop at farmers markets: 

They cut out the middleman allowing a fair return for producers through direct selling, price control, and a regular cash flow.

Transport and packaging requirements are less thus reducing the producers’ costs and helping the environment

There is direct contact and feedback between customers and producers, so you can be sure for example, how your vegetables are grown and meat produced.

Food always tastes better when you know where it comes from! 

They help reduce food miles, thus vehicle pollution, noise, and fossil fuel use.

They encourage more environmentally friendly production practices, such as organic or pesticide free fruit and vegetables.

They encourage local economic development by increasing employment, encouraging consumers to support local business, and thus keeping money within the local community.

Rearing, preparing and selling animals locally help prevent the spread of diseases.

They provide a market place for a wide range of products, which encourages organic production methods, including using traditional breeds and varieties which helps maintain genetic diversity.

Healthy eating is promoted, through the availability of fresh produce; where else could you buy tomatoes picked that morning, or fish landed only last night?