Our Producers of Preserves

The Food Junkies

Carrot Chutney
We are a vegan food company selling freshly made filled pastries, chutneys and our legendary Casheeze, a soft cheese made from cashew nuts.

The Wooden Spoon Preserving Company

Our challenge from the outset was to provide jams and marmalades which individually would be approved by the discerning ‘home made’ connoisseur whilst as a range unrivalled in its variety. In the process, we have also gained a reputation as a leader in the fruits in liqueur market. We have recently launched a range of award winning No Added Sugar preserves (suitable for diabetics and those looking for lower sugar products) and have sought-after ranges of chutneys, jellies, mustards, olives!

Our produce has travelled approximately 1.28 km's (as the crow flies) to get to you.

Wye Community farm

The Wye Crown herd of British White cattle was established in 2008, with the purchase of six yearling heifers from the Bridge Homestead herd. Today the herd comprises around 20 head of cattle, producing heifers for sale and steers for beef boxes. The cattle spend most of the year on the Wye National Nature Reserve, where their grazing plays a central role in the maintenance of the chalk grassland which is home to many rare plants and insects. For further information on British Whites and the Wye NNR see the websites on the links page. We lend calves to local young farmers groups to attend shows with, as well as showing in our own right. WCF runs flocks of Poll Dorset and Portland sheep, with each breed being purebred to produce breeding stock for sale as well as ensuring lamb boxes are available throughout the year. We keep a small number of pigs and poultry, providing pork boxes and eggs and ensuring there are always jobs to be done for our volunteers on days when it is too wet to be outside.

Our produce has travelled approximately 0.07 km's (as the crow flies) to get to you.